x-ray baggage scanner

x-ray baggage scanner

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-ray baggage/luggage scanner is an electronic device that uses X-ray scanning imaging technology to perform safety inspection on baggage, and is used to pre-determine whether there are dangerous substances in the package. It usually consists of X-ray generator, X-ray detector, image processing system and other parts.

X-ray baggage scanners are used in varied places, such as buildings, transport terminals, airports, factories, embassies, courthouses, military installations, convention centers, hotels, prisons, schools, security checkpoints as well as special events.

The X-ray baggage machine can detect dangerous and illegal items such as smuggling goods, hidden contraband, weapons, explosives, or narcotics items.

NEECOM provides different brands X-Ray Baggage Scanners to its clients depending on their budget limitations.