Anti-Shop Lifting

Anti-Shop Lifting

Anti Shop Lifting

Anti-Shop Lifting is a system which prevent intendeds to shoplifting (the illegal act of taking goods from a store without paying for them). Anti-shoplifting devices beam radio waves out into a store in the hope of catching a stolen product as it passes by.

Store alarms are usually placed on both sides of each store exit. The detection system will sound an alarm or alert the staff of theft when active tags pass by. They are sensor-based using a combination of radiofrequency, electromagnetic technology, sensors and metal detectors connected with software that controls alarm sensitivity, volume, and duration. Their working process is as follows:

Step 1: Special tags and labels are permanently attached to the merchandise in the inventory and barcode management process.

Step 2: Cashiers can disable this tag or label when the item is appropriately purchased or inspected. To remove the security, the cashier uses a splitter to release the pin.

Step 3: After cashiers deactivate or remove the label, customers can walk past the antenna without alarm. Otherwise, when the sensor passes the detection device, an alarm will sound.

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