Guard Tour Management System

purpose of guard tour system

Guard tour systems provide a means to check and record the time that a guard executes his guard tour by scanning specific checkpoints assigned on the area he patrols.

Guard patrol software

There are three types of guard patrol software. They are desktop, local network client-server, and web-based versions. The desktop version can only work on one computer. The local network client server type can work using the local area network. The web-based version can work everywhere with internet access. In the analog age, the device used for this purpose was the watchclock.[3] Watchclocks often had a paper or light cardboard disk placed inside for each 24-hour period. The user would carry the clock to each checkpoint, where a numbered key could be found (typically chained in place). The key would be inserted into the clock where it would imprint the disk. At the end of the shift or 24-hour period an authorized person (usually a supervisor) would unlock the watchclock and retrieve the disk.

As development of guard tour system, the device can work with more functions. Such as send data real-time by GPRS to software and GPS location and tracking mode. In software, we set up the Patrol Department, Patrol Route, Guard, Checkpoint, Event and Patrol Plan in general, depending on the software purchased. The software will then have specific tours set for officers to complete, being able to indicate whether the inspection was completed properly or not, with the ability to note a specific temperature of an inspection, or make any kind of notes necessary. Guard Tour software systems seem to be becoming the norm in tracking tours for officers.

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